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Our Garage Door Products

Any Brand.

We have been operating since 1943, so we have experience working with all brands and manufacturers for a high-quality garage door product. Let us know which garage door brand is your favorite, and we’ll provide a garage door replacement or new garage door installation for your home or business in Benton Harbor, Holland, and Grand Rapids, MI. If you find the perfect garage door for you, we’re the local experts that can professionally and seamlessly install it for you.


We offer authorized repair, service, maintenance and installation of the following brands:


  • Raynor Garage Doors
  • Wayne-Dalton Garage Doors
  • Hormann Garage Doors
  • CHI Overhead Doors
Raynor Garage Door Installers

Raynor Garage Doors

Raynor Garage Doors stands as a leading manufacturer in the garage door industry, renowned for their dedication to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Their extensive selection encompasses a variety of residential and commercial garage doors, crafted to meet the diverse needs of their customers. Whether you’re in the market for a durable steel, sleek aluminum, or classic wood garage door to enhance your home’s appearance, Raynor offers exceptional options. For businesses seeking robust commercial garage door solutions, Raynor provides a range of materials, sizes, and operational features designed to suit any requirement.

Pro Tip:

Raynor is celebrated for their AirFlow Series, renowned for exceptional ventilation and the robust build of their full-view doors. These doors feature a unique design that combines practicality with aesthetic appeal, offering enhanced airflow and natural light.

ProDoor MFG Garage Doors

Pro Door Manufacturing, distinguished in the garage door industry, excels in delivering unparalleled customer support and leading-edge product innovation. Their extensive array of garage doors serves both residential and commercial purposes, satisfying a broad spectrum of design and functional requirements. Residential customers looking to boost their home’s visual appeal will appreciate Pro Door’s selection of steel, aluminum, or wood garage doors, available in a variety of styles to match any home architecture. For businesses, Pro Door Manufacturing offers a versatile collection of garage doors designed for reliability and performance, customizable in size, material, and operation to meet diverse commercial demands. Pro Door’s dedication to excellence and adaptability positions them as a top choice for those seeking to enhance their property’s value and appearance.

Raynor Garage Door Installers

Pro Tip:

Pro Door Manufacturing is renowned for its durable and stylish Custom Crafted Series, offering a blend of innovative design and energy-efficient features in their garage doors. They excel in providing personalized solutions that cater to both aesthetic preferences and practical needs.

CHI Overhead Door Installers

CHI Overhead Doors

CHI Overhead Doors is a prominent name in the garage door industry, known for their commitment to craftsmanship, quality, and comprehensive customer support. Offering an extensive array of residential and commercial garage doors, CHI Overhead Doors caters to a wide spectrum of aesthetic preferences and functional needs. Homeowners looking to elevate their property’s curb appeal can choose from an impressive selection of materials including sturdy steel, elegant aluminum, and timeless wood designs. For commercial applications, CHI Overhead Doors delivers unparalleled durability and performance with customizable sizes, materials, and operational mechanisms, ensuring a perfect fit for any business requirement.

Pro Tip:

CHI is best known for its Accent Series and the excellent quality of overlay doors they build. Also known as faux wood doors which are created with a unique digital imaging process.

Hormann Garage Doors

Hormann Garage Doors is a globally recognized leader in the garage door industry, celebrated for their innovation, quality craftsmanship, and commitment to environmental sustainability. Their wide-ranging catalog features an impressive variety of garage doors for both residential and commercial use. Homeowners seeking to enhance their home’s aesthetics and functionality can select from Hormann’s high-quality steel, elegant aluminum, or warm wood garage doors, each designed with energy efficiency in mind. For the commercial sector, Hormann offers robust solutions that include advanced insulation options, varying sizes, and versatile operational systems to meet the diverse needs of any business. Hormann Garage Doors stands out for its dedication to providing secure, durable, and aesthetically pleasing doors while emphasizing eco-friendly practices.

Raynor Garage Door Installers

Pro Tip:

CHI Overhead Door Installers

Wayne-Dalton Garage Doors

Wayne-Dalton Garage Doors, a key player in the United States garage door market, is renowned for its unwavering dedication to customer service and innovative product development. Their expansive product range covers a multitude of options for both residential and commercial settings. Homeowners aiming to enhance their home’s curb appeal will find Wayne-Dalton’s selection of steel, aluminum, or wood garage doors particularly appealing, offering various styles to complement any exterior design. For commercial premises, Wayne-Dalton provides a diverse lineup of garage doors, available in multiple constructions, sizes, and operational functionalities to cater to the specific needs of any business. Their commitment to quality and versatility makes Wayne-Dalton Garage Doors a preferred choice for upgrading the functionality and aesthetics of any property.

Pro Tip:

Wayne Dalton has the door you need to upgrade your business from standard sectional doors to fire doors to countertop shutters.

Pick the Best Garage Door Product Among Our List of Winners

The way we see it, whichever garage door product you choose is a winner. Wayne-Dalton Garage Door, Hormann Garage Doors, and CHI Overhead Doors have all been our favorites for successful garage door installation in the Southwest Michigan area we serve. For a residential or commercial garage door that stands the test of time with quality construction and visual appeal, consider these garage door products to upgrade your home or business. You can’t go wrong with any of our garage door products.

Contact Guse-Hahn Garage Doors For Expert Installation 

What kind of garage door can you see completing your home? For a solid garage door replacement, each manufacturer we work with has a great range of carriage or stamp designs, and raised or recessed paneling options for steel garage doors. In terms of style, choose between a traditional, modern, or carriage house garage door made of wood, faux wood, steel, or glass for garage door installation. Visit our showroom in Benton Harbor, MI to see our garage doors in person!