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Miami Architect

Miami Architect

No matter what the price of a property is, the design and architecture are so important. A property can be expensive with bad décor, and it will look cheaper than it is. If you’re looking to change your property’s style of architecture in Miami, RS3 Designs has experience in designing the most upscale, chic, and modern styles.

What are the benefits of hiring an interior designer?

If you’ve ever looked at property listings for renting or buying houses, you know how incredibly important interior design and architecture of a property is. Even if a property isn’t big, expensive or fancy, having an attractive décor can still sell it. If you don’t know much about interior décor or know what your style is, an interior designer can help you find it.

Because an interior designer would have had a lot of experience in renovation projects, they will know how to work with other professionals like architects, building owners, and building contractors. The communication would be smoother between them and hence will save money and time for the project.

There is an increasing amount of regulations for properties, regarding things like flooring and lighting. If you’re new to home renovations, hiring an interior designer can help you make the right choices with furniture, lighting, and flooring. With their expertise, you will avoid making the wrong choices, which could be costly and run you into potential legal problems.

How to choose an interior designer for your project

Communication is key for any renovation project, so you need to select an interior decorator that is on the same wavelength as you and understands your style. If you’re looking for interior designers who are familiar with the architecture in Miami, contact us.

The first step is to have a vague idea of your style and preference for the space you want decorating. Do you want chic and modern, or cozy and old-fashioned? Gather materials and ideas that help you visualize your concept, whether it’s Google images, a sketch, or a Pinterest vision board.

The next step is to find a couple of designers and look through a couple of portfolios. Most of their websites will have sample pictures of past projects, so you can see the kind of styles they specialize in. When you’ve chosen a designer, meet them in person to discuss your idea, project details, and your budget.

What happens at the first consultation?

For the first consultation, you will meet an interior designer at the space that you need to redesign. They will discuss the changes and their feasibility while having a look around the area. This could maybe last one or two hours.

During the meeting, they will take photographs of the spaces and take notes of the design changes you want. This will be a list of colors, furniture, lighting, and flooring styles you might want to change.

Are you looking for qualified interior designers who are well-versed in the different styles of Miami Architect? RS3 Designs has worked on numerous high-end interior design projects, and we’re confident we can bring your dream home to life.

Miami Architect


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